Some friends and their sites.

Tragur Rock Climbing Pants and Shorts

I’ve been climbing regularly at the same Upper Limits gym as Dave and Thy (pronounced tee) for quite a while now. The last time I needed a new pair of shorts, I bought from them, and the shorts are great. Come to think of it, it’s time for another new pair. I’ll head over to Tragur‘s web site to decide what to buy next.

Upper Limits Rock Climbing Gym

This is where I started my rock climbing adventure in about 2012 (I think). What a great community here – the staff is great – they know me, and they’re climbers too, so we talk about projects. The customer-climbers here are friendly and helpful. We have a great time. Rock climbing is more than just a workout for the body. Sure, you get a workout – strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio, and balance. But it’s mental, too – solving problems on the boulder or on the wall. And it’s social. You can’t climb 100% of the time, you have to rest between climbs. Catch up on each other’s lives, get tips and feedback (remember to breathe, bring your hips in more next time, use your core, engage your shoulders, jam those toes on).

They have youth teams, too. They do well at regional and national comps, so they must know their stuff. I can see they do. The head coach, Travis, is skilled in climbing. But a lot of people are. He is also a very capable analyzer of what the youth need to work on to progress. He has a (seemingly) natural ability to engage the kids and help them be their best.

The gym has a lot else to offer, too. Slackline, workout room, board room, pro shop, yoga classes, silk classes (is that what they’re called? not sure).