Rock Climbing Shirts & Hoodies

Welcome to SpringFed Systems. I’m so glad you came to visit!

Okay, straight to it – there are a lot of folks out there selling shirts. I have been where you are now, seeing what’s available, and could not find a single shirt I wanted to buy. Many have some “clever” text. Wear it, your friends see it, and maybe they think it’s kinda funny, one time. Is that really what you want? Plus, the truth is, they’re a little pricey.

It wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted something authentic.

So I make my own designs, and here they are. They all have that distressed look you’d find on a shirt that’s an old friend – and at better prices than you’ll find elsewhere. I made these shirts for myself initially, but when people I don’t even know speak up and say, “that’s super sick!” or something like it, I realized other people would like a different option. Besides, climbers love hoodies – here you can get a cool design on a quality hoodie.